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It’s the Better Way to Business Growth


Caveman Brain is the inner voice that can support you or derail you in your business growth activities. There are days you are confident where you get it done and days where you go down a negative path only to become stuck. All the skillsets and toolkits won’t help you get results if you don’t harness your Caveman Brain to maximize those confident days and get you moving on the days you are stuck.

Caveman Brain is based on our survival instincts.

Our Caveman Brain only knows what it sees and hears. That worked really well in caveman days when we needed protection from saber-toothed tigers. When the bushes would rustle, our Caveman Brain would react because it thought a saber-toothed tiger was hiding in those rustling bushes and was going to hurt us. It would flood our bodies with chemicals to flight, fight, or freeze.

Caveman Brain
Caveman Brain

Today, the Caveman Brain reacts much in the same way as it did in caveman days.

Your Caveman Brain doesn’t know what is real and what is not real. If you are watching a scary movie, your Caveman Brain reacts to what is happening during the movie. It floods your body with chemicals to trigger your fight, flight, or freeze response to protect you from danger, even though you are in no real danger. It can’t discern fact from fiction. It just reacts to ensure that you won’t get hurt. That’s Caveman Brain’s only job…to ensure you are safe.

Performance that’s Better

Understanding the Caveman Brain is our inner voice that wants to protect, but often derails us, especially in business growth is what can differentiate success from being stuck. Since Caveman Brain reacts to what it sees and hears, which creates stories that aren’t real, this will trigger the response of flight, fight, or freeze.  This is why you get stuck or don’t want to move forward toward success. When you work in partnership with your Caveman Brain that is how you achieve better results.  That is why understanding and using your Caveman Brain in a positive way is so important in your day-to-day activities, so you achieve the results you want. The Caveman Brain Business Growth System® gives you not only the skillset and the toolkits, but more importantly, it strengthens the one thing that can make a difference, your Caveman Brain.

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By a Certified Results Coach™ through The Caveman Brain Business Growth System®