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Why you need to focus on RESULTS, not goals

Why you need to focus on RESULTS, not goals

Hi, it’s Dr. Jean, The Results Queen®. 

So many of our clients have been asking us for solutions and how to conduct the business development virtually. 

I’d like to share those solutions with you too. 

As someone who’s been working virtually for over 10 years, I know what it takes to conduct the business development from any place in the world. 

So let’s get to those solutions.

I want to talk to you about goals versus results, and I want to talk to you about how versus what. 

So a lot of you have goals, and my question to you is, how well are you doing on achieving those goals? 

When people come to me, they tell me about all the goals that they are looking to achieve, and none of them that they’ve done a very good job in doing that. 

The challenge I find with goals is that, first of all, they’re usually written very negatively, so they have a negative connotation, and it often focuses on the how. 

And we don’t have enough solutions to figure out what the how is or how to support that goal for a long term way of being in order to cement it into our lives.

So I’m going to ask you to give up goals and start focusing on results. 

So here’s the thing about results. 

When you write a result, it tends to be in a much more positive language, and it focuses on the what, not the how. 

Now, I know a lot of you think that you should be focusing on the how. 

The reality is that if you focus on the how and get stuck, then you often abandon whatever you were doing. 

If you focus on the what, our brains work really hard to figure out what we need to get the what. 

So I want you to think about results, not goals. 

Think about those results in a very positive way, and then think about what it would take to achieve that. 

So for example, you might say to yourself, “a result that I would like is to have 10 new clients by the end of the year. What would I need to do in order for me to achieve that?

Both positive and the what. 

Not how am I going to do that? 

What am I going to do? 

Versus if I said “my goal is to find 10 people by the end of the year, now don’t I think, well, how do I do that?

See how it works? 

So over the weekend, practice focusing on results, not goals, what’s not how’s. 

And when you find yourself saying the word, hey, I’ve got a goal, stop yourself and say, hey, I’m achieving a result. 

Let’s Connect

I’m Dr. Jean, The Results Queen®. 

And if you have a question or want me to speak on a specific topic, please email me at

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I know that I can help you and my mission is to leave you better than I found you. 

So please take advantage, get on my calendar. 

You don’t have to have anything but a conversation with me and be able to walk away with results and the what.

I’m Dr. Jean, The Results Queen®.

Go out and get results.

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