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How to move potential clients towards making a decision

How to move potential clients towards making a decision

Hi, I’m Dr. Jean, The Results Queen®. 

And today I’m coming to you for my most favorite comfortable chair in my house. 

So many of our clients have been asking us for solutions on how to conduct their business development. I’d like to share those solutions with you too. 

As someone who’s been working remotely for over 10 years, I know what it takes to conduct their business development even from your most favorite comfortable chair in your house. 

So let’s get to those solutions. 

And why my most favorite comfortable chair? 

Well, it’s to represent something. 

It represents inertia. 

Inertia is the number one thing that will kill your new business development.

It will kill it for you and it will kill it for your prospects. 

So let’s talk about you first. 

My daughter is a competitive equestrian, and when she was little, I read a book written by an Olympian. 

I am still living by the words that I read in that book today. 

And here’s what he said. 

He said, “Horses are like humans, lazy”. 

We as humans have to motivate ourselves every single day. 

And every single day, we have to motivate our horses. 

So that’s why I picked my most favorite comfortable chair in my house because when I sit here, guess what happens to my motivation?

It often decreases and inertia sets in. 

And if that’s happening for you too, then what I’d like for you to do is to punch through that inertia by getting motivated. 

That’s how you kill off inertia for yourself. 

Let’s talk about how you kill off an inertia for your prospects. 

Inertia often shows up in not making a decision. 

So when our prospects can’t make a decision, I want you now realize that it probably is due to inertia. 

It might also be due to us not building enough value or having fear. 

But nine times out of 10, it comes down to their inertia. 

It’s easier not to make a decision. 

So ask them, if you don’t make a decision, what will happen? What will change? 

And often the answer is nothing. 

And then you get to ask, well, is that really what you want? 

Because they came to you with a problem and you have the solution. 

So let’s get moving forward. 

Otherwise, nothing’s going to change. 

And that’s inertia. 

So now you know the number one thing that’s going to kill your new business development is inertia. 

And now you know how to break through it for yourself and how to break through it for your potential clients.

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I’m Dr. Jean, The Results Queen®. 

And if you have any topics that you’d like me to talk about or a question you’d like to ask me, please email

I’m Dr. Jean, The Results Queen®. 

Go out and get results and kill off your inertia.

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