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Vacation from sales

Vacation From Sales

Hi it’s Dr. Jean, The Results Queen®. 

Is it time for you to take a vacation from new business development ?

I have a lot of clients especially this time of the year who call me and say “i’ve got nothing going on in new business development” and i said “Really?”.  

I can totally understand that because it’s probably your prospects or potential clients as we call them are distracted doing other things and while they really do need to buy your products and services.

They’re just not focused on it right now and that’s okay.

It’s really important to know the rhythm of your sales cycle and where there are times when your potential client is not going to buy your services because they’re distracted that’s a great time for you to take vacation.

And the reason why i’m suggesting you take vacation during these times is because your caveman brain will think that there’s something wrong and will try to fix you.

And then you’ll be doing all of these activities that aren’t really going to help your new business development.

Let me give you an example, i was speaking to a vip client yesterday  and he told me that he’s really unmotivated and so we had a great conversation and he texted me after the conversation like you’ve mildly followed fired me up.

  • And he said “So I’m going to start doing something in new business development” .
  • And i said to him “No”, i texted him back “No, don’t do It because if you’re mildly fired up that means that you’re not a hundred percent”. 
  • I said to him “So take the Time, recover more, when it’s the right time you’re going to get back into the game and you’re going to kill it because you’ve taken some time for recovery and your prospects anubis and your new potential clients are ready to buy from you”

So take the time to know the rhythm of your sales cycle, take vacation when you need it and then go out and crush it when your prospects are ready to buy from you.

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