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Recovery From Business Development

Recovery From Business Development

Hi, it’s Dr. Jean, The Results Queen®

I want to talk to you about recovery and new business development.

Great athletes know that they need time to recover, and great new business developers also know they need to time to recover.

Now for many of us it’s always go go go go go.

Research has shown that if you take off one day a week and rest.

No technology, no computer, no work.

You’ll be more productive over the other six days.

So i don’t know about you, but i really like being productive and i love having high performance, and that means that i incorporate recovery every week into my routine.

I’m going to suggest that you do the same.

Pick whatever day you want and make sure that that’s your day off, and you recover from your new business development activities.

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I’m Dr. Jean, The Results Queen®

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I’m Dr. Jean, The Results Queen®

Go out and get results.

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