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Celebrate new business development successes

Celebrate new business development successes

Hi it’s Dr. Jean, The Results Queen®. 

I’d like to talk to you about success celebration.

So many of us when we do something that happens really well in new business development, We don’t celebrate that success.

We just keep moving forward.

But here’s what happens is our caveman brain then gets tired burnt out and we don’t want to do this anymore.

So what i want to suggest, is that every time something good happens that you celebrate it.

I’ll give an example, this morning i was talking to a vip coaching client and she was talking about closing a piece of business, which she’s been working on for quite a bit of time.

  • So i said to her “What are you going to do to celebrate that ?”.
  • And she said to me “Well, i hadn’t thought about it”.
  • I said “Okay well, is there something that you want to do”.
  • She said ” I really want to buy this rug, would it be okay if that be my reward for my success ?”.
  • And i said “That’s a great reward”.
  • She said “And every time i look at the rug, i remember how i closed this specific case”.
  • And i said to her “Exactly”.

And so now she’s super excited because she’s motivated to close this piece of business.

and by her rug and it will remind her of the success that she’s had in new business development.

So i want you to do the same thing, It’s really important that when you have those wins to do something special, whether you buy yourself a rug or go out to a great dinner.

The fact is that the more that you can celebrate success the more your brain is going to want to continue doing this new business development game.

Let’s Connect

So if you have some really good successes, that you’ve celebrated in a lot of great ways, send me an email let me know at and you can also if there’s any topics or questions that you want me to answer feel free to email me as well.

Also if you want to talk about your successes or what you want to do to be more successful feel free to schedule yourself a free coaching call by clicking the link in this email or in this caption.

I’m Dr. Jean, The Results Queen®. 

Go out and celebrate your successes and also go out and get results.

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