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Accountability in your business development

Accountability in your business development

Hi it’s Dr. Jean, The Results Queen®. 

How accountable are you in terms of your new business development ?

I know there have been times during the year that i am more accountable than others.

And so i rely on a very specific person, to help me be accountable and that is my accountability buddy.

Now what is an accountability buddy, so an accountability buddy is someone that you choose it can be in your office or it can be someone that you don’t know very well but it’s someone that will hold you accountable the things that you need to do in your business development.

Now the first accountability partner that, i ever had i actually met at a conference.

  • I approached her and said “hey would you like to be my accountability buddy ? “.
  • And she said “I need to think about it”.
  • And i was like “That’s cool”.
  • And six months later, she said to me “I really need an accountability buddy so would you be my partner ?”.
  • And i said “Sure”.

And for two years, what we did was we had made a list of metrics and once a week we would talk on the phone go through those metrics to see how we were doing and then plan for the next week.

After two years that relationship was done and so i looked for my next accountability partner and so i met her through a book that i was reading and i sent it to five people because i thought five people would be cool and she was the only one who read the book and i said to her “hey do you want to be my accountability party ?” and she said “yes”.

And so we became accountability partners and we spoke every day, i’m  just for about five or ten minutes we used to call each other on our way into the offices.

And then we were talking about what the three things we would do that day and then what we had accomplished.

Now, i have accountability partner that i actually see in person once a month for about three hours and we work strategically on our business, we don’t talk a lot during the month but every month like clockwork we are meeting for three hours to talk strategically about our business.

And how i met her was i was in a group and i thought “hey she’s a pretty cool person, i would love to know more about her and learn what she does and love to talk about what i do”, so i asked her so i’ve had three accountability partners or buddies and i’m going to suggest that you do that as well.

It’s a great time to find somebody that you would like to hold accountable and it could help you accountable.

What’s some key characteristics around that well someone you think that is interesting and cool and you could learn from and that you can teach and who’s willing to kick your butt when you need it and give you a kiss when you need that too.

So go out and find yourself an accountability partner, i know that it’s going to make a huge difference in your new business development in terms of keeping you accountable.

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I’m Dr. Jean, The Results Queen®. 

Go out and get results.

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