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Do You Want Higher-Level Business in 2024?

Hi, it’s Jean, The Results Queen™ and I want to share something amazing with you!

I appreciate the value you bring to the world helping people solidify their finances and plan for their retirement.

As a way of helping you serve your mission, I am giving you a FREE GIFTThe 7 Stages of New Business Development™.

You see, over the past few years, I’ve been hard at work helping advisors just like you implement simple, yet powerful tools into their daily routines, getting them unprecedented results.

The 7 Stages of New Business Development™ is a powerful tool you can use to increase your business in 2024 by holistically improving in the seven different stages of business development.

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7 Stages of New Business Development

Dr. Jean Oursler developed The 7 Stages of New Business Development™ based on her own experience and successful outcomes. This system has been used by every one of our clients to help them achieve greater success—and now it is available to you.

Download - 7 Stages of New Business Development

The 7 Stages of Business Development


Special End-Year Offers:

Exclusively for Financial Advisors

If you are serious about your growth in the new year and would like some support, we have designed exclusive end-of-the-year offers specifically for financial advisors to supercharge your business development efforts, elevate your practice, and achieve unparalleled success in 2024.

To Learn More About These End-of-the-Year Offers:

  1. Schedule a Time to Connect with a Caveman Brain team member
  2. Discuss Your Goals for 2024
  3. Select the Path that Best Fits Your Need
Our Commitment is To Leave You Better Than We Found You.
Know the Right Clients

Know the Right Clients to target

Use the Right Messages

Have the Right Messaging to attract and close a client

Implement the Right Actions

Implement the Right Actions to take to be better at business growth

Understand the Right Timing

Understand the Right Timing of actions to achieve your results

Start Your Year Off Right!

Client Success Stories

Stephanie sherman

When I wanted to improve myself, I turned to the Caveman Brain® Business Growth System. This system can make all the difference. It did for me, and it can for you too. These programs are designed to work in your schedule, in your budget, and in your life so YOU can get more results.*


*Disclaimer: Statements by Prudential Professional are their own and Prudential is not responsible for a statement on its own.

Aaron Messing

I’ve accomplished my goal for the year of bringing in $100k in new business revenue by the end of September by getting, customizing and using the Caveman Brain® Business Growth System. These results were three months earlier than I expected.

Laura Ann Kelly

When I wanted to increase my new business development, I hired Dr. Jean Oursler. By doing so, I have seen great results! In fact, with just 5 hours a week of my time, I increased my new business development by 25% without feeling pushy, salesy, or aggressive in any way. Dr. Jean Oursler understands how to work with attorneys so you can feel good about getting new clients.

felicia garland

Without Dr. Jean Oursler’s coaching, I would probably be doing the same thing and achieving the same results. Now I have totally revamped my business.

Felicia Garland
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