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Learn their philosophy

Learn their philosophy

Hi, it’s Dr. Jean, The Results Queen®.

Yesterday I was speaking with one of my clients who was talking to me about his target audience.

His target audience, he defined as high net worth individuals who were in their 30s and 40s.

So I asked him, “Where are you going to find those people?”.

The fact is that most of us don’t define our target audience like our science project.

Now, when we were kids, our science project was really important to us to get an A on.

Well, at least for me it was, and it might have been for you as well.

And when you did your science project, you knew everything about that.

Well, it’s the same thing that you need to do with your target audience.

You need to know everything about them.

Now, when I worked in advertising, we did this little exercise that I still do today with my clients.

And the exercise is to describe your target audience like a person you’re taking to a party.

So I actually worked on Skippy Peanut Butter, and we had to describe who Skippy was.

  • Is Skippy a woman, a man?
  • How old is Skippy?
  • Does Skippy married?

So if you start to think about your target audience and as you’re describing them.

  • What’s their philosophy around financial advising?
  • What’s their philosophy on retirement?
  • What’s their philosophy on doing things?

So for us, we love working with what we call elite athletes, people who want to be on the cutting edge, who need to be on the cutting edge, who are on the cutting edge and want to continue to stay there.

That’s a definite mindset.

So when you think about your target audience, it just can’t be high net worth individuals.

  • You have to really think about what is their philosophy?
  • Where are they in their life?
  • What’s important to them?
  • And then what’s the pain points that they’re experiencing?

And when you know the pain points along with the things that they are really super excited about that they really want.

Marring those two things, then you communicate that through social media, or you start looking at through that in terms of associations that you can belong to or networking groups when you’re using your elevator pitch or even in LinkedIn when you want to send messages to people.

So I’m going to ask you to take some time and think about knowing your target audience like your science project.

I’m Dr. Jean, The Results Queen®.

And if you would like to talk to me about how you can define your target audience like your science project, feel free to email me at and we’ll get you scheduled on my calendar so that we can talk about that.

It’s a free, no-obligation strategy session that I’m happy to help you with.

I’m Dr. Jean, The Results Queen®.

Go out and get results.