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Can you close a Prospect in 2 Meetings

Can you close a Prospect in 2 Meetings

Hi, It’s Dr. Jean, The Results Queen®. 

Yesterday I got really great news. 

One of my clients was able to close a prospect that she was working with, or what I call a potential client, in just two meetings. 

And she was so super excited because she told me that if we had not worked together, she would have overcomplicated the whole process and she would have lost the prospect, or it would have taken her months to close that prospect as opposed to just doing it in two meetings. 

So my question to you is, are you overcomplicating your new business development process? 

Now, many of us want to look smart, appear smart, show people how smart we are when we are in the new business development process with our prospects. 

Say that two times fast. 

The fact is that when people show up to us and want to speak to us, they have a problem. 

And a lot of times they already know who we are. 

They’ve done their research, especially if it’s from a referral. 

That makes it even easier. 

From a cold call, it might be a little more difficult to build no life and trust.

But from a referral, it’s really super easy. 

And in the case of my client, the prospect that she was talking to was a referral from a current client who adores her. 

So if you get a referral from a current client that already has instant credibility. 

And don’t overcomplicate it with charts and reports and showing how amazing that you can do things, because sometimes if you do that, first of all, you could give away the answer, in which case the person doesn’t need to work with you anymore. 

And second of all, you can complicate the process to the point where you confuse the potential client, the prospect, and therefore they don’t choose you because a confused mind does nothing. 

So what I’m going to ask you is to review your new business development process over the next week.

 And as you meet with your prospects, or as I like to call them potential clients, you see, are you complicating the process or not? 

If you’re not complicating the process, you should be able to close people in one or two meetings. 

If you are complicating the process, then you’re going to see that it’s going to take you a much longer time to close potential clients.

Now, I get a lot of pushback on, well, I can’t close them in one meeting or two. 

And I say to you, why not? 

Because here’s what I really want you to think about. 

You’re here to help people. 

And the faster that you’re able to sign people up, the sooner that you can help them. 

When people are spending lots of time thinking and doing, that means there’s a lot of things that could happen to them that’s not good because they’re not working with you. 

So the fact is that you should be able to close your potential clients in one meeting, two meetings, three meetings tops, not like I’ve been chasing this person for two years. 

So the fact is that if you’re doing that, you either gave away the answer or you’re overcomplicating the new business development process. 

Let’s Connect

I want you to monitor yourself for the next week and see what you come up with and email me at and tell me what happened.

And if you’d like a free strategy session, feel free to click on the link in the email or in the caption below.

I’m Dr. Jean, The Results Queen®. 

Go out and get results.

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