Dr. Jean

My clients call me The Results Queen® because I am all about getting unprecedented results – at an unprecedented speed – that create and maintain an unprecedented performance for you. With a Ph.D. in Business Psychology, I employ a coaching philosophy grounded in a no-nonsense, results-focused approach, completely personalized to meet the needs of you and your practice.


I work with individuals to develop a heightened inner awareness that aligns them with their growth results. My coaching philosophy is rooted in dynamism, humor, compassion, and love, as I create an uplifting and positive environment that fosters personal and professional growth.

Izzy (Israel) 

As a certified Executive Coach and Integral Associate Coach™, I help facilitate client awareness by identifying long-held behaviors and beliefs to build new capabilities for sustainable change. My legal training and non-profit sector leadership in talent development and client empowerment have contributed to life-changing outcomes for my clients. In my role as Director of Client Results, I lead group seminars designed to evoke new awareness through client centered presentations and purposeful interactive group discussions.



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