Dr. Jean

My clients call me The Results Queen® because I am all about getting unprecedented results – at an unprecedented speed – that create and maintain an unprecedented performance for you. With a Ph.D. in Business Psychology, I employ a coaching philosophy grounded in a no-nonsense, results-focused approach, completely personalized to meet the needs of you and your practice.


I work with individuals to develop a heightened inner awareness that aligns them with their growth results. My coaching philosophy is rooted in dynamism, humor, compassion, and love, as I create an uplifting and positive environment that fosters personal and professional growth.


As a Certified High-Performance Coach™, I’m focused on going above and beyond everything you thought possible. I understand what it takes to be successful. My coaching philosophy is to help you define your purpose, eliminate distractions, and FINALLY gain momentum in your life.


When it comes to effectively managing what stops us, everyone’s path is unique, and this is true even when implementing proven systems. My role as your coach is to collaborate with the foremost expert on your life (that’s you) in the excavation process to your fastest, easiest and most enjoyable solutions. 


I work with those who want to maximize results, both professionally and personally. My coaching philosophy is to listen responsively as I align energy, develop skills, and manifest results


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