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    Where Experienced Employees Become
    Exceptional at New Business Development

    New business development increases when a great skillset and a great mindset come together. Yet, making improvements in both areas and integrating them into the daily routine can be overwhelming and time-consuming for your employees. With our Corporate Results Programs, we can help your team increase their results without increasing their time.

    Take Your Team’s New Business Development to the Next Level

    Our programs deliver proven results with people at all levels. More experienced team members often only need to make small tweaks that can make a significant impact. Those less experienced may need more hand-holding and accountability to help them confidently achieve the set goals.

    Because we know that different people learn in different ways, our programs leverage various learning platforms to convey our content. More specifically, we offer:

    • Group training, twice per month, for your entire team
    • All sessions are recorded and sent to each participant, so no one ever misses information that is shared
    • Individual coaching, twice per month, with a personal Results CoachTM
    • On-demand tools that can be used continuously throughout the program

    During your program, all of your participants have unlimited access to our team leaders and our resources via text, phone, and email. This ensures that each participant never has to worry about what to do. They can reach out to their Results Coach for help when they need it.

    The Benefits for Your Company or Team

    Our corporate clients cite the customization to their needs and our ability to solve just-in-time challenges as the greatest benefits of our Corporate Programs. Many also find value in the ability to easily measure and track new business development activities throughout the program to gauge progress.

    Given the nature and customization of these programs, please schedule an appointment by clicking here. Dr. Jean will speak personally with principals and executives who wish to discuss implementing a Corporate Results Program for their company or team.

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  • Business man and business woman video conferencing


    Private VIP Results Coaching

    $2,000.00 / month

    Business man and business woman video conferencingWhen Your Marketing and New Business Development Need Some Super Power

    Are challenges standing in your way of attracting and winning new business? Do you want to maximize your opportunities so you can achieve the results you want? Do you have immediate needs that must be addressed now? Is old thinking your weakest link that’s preventing your success?

    If so, now is the time to say goodbye to weak possibilities and hello to big power with our VIP Results Coaching Program. 

    You Deserve More

    With our Private VIP Results Coaching Program, you’ll get a personal RESULTS CoachTM who will partner with you to solve your individual challenges.

    Fully customized with unlimited access to your coach during normal business hours, our Private VIP Results Coaching Program gives you EXACTLY what you need to be more successful. Along with weekly coaching sessions, you can also access ongoing support by phone, text, or email — whatever works best for you!

    Your RESULTS Coach can help you:

    • Easily resolve your unique challenges
    • Take control of your marketing and new business development activities
    • Continuously fill your pipeline
    • Create and refine your unique value proposition
    • Be accountable for the things you know you need to do but don’t always want to
    • Manage difficult tasks
    • Learn just-in-time techniques specific to your needs
    • Communicate more effectively with your prospects
    • Learn unique strategies that are most valuable to you
    • Feel comfortable and supported

    Our VIP Results Coaching Program is for those who want FASTER RESULTS in the SHORTEST period of time.

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  • The 6 Killer Questions




    The 6 Killer QuestionsStop Focusing on Having the Right Answers; Instead, Ask the Right Questions

    In new business development, you need to focus on your potential clients and their specific needs. To better understand your prospects and to convert them into clients, you need to ask them the right questions. Dr. Jean, The Results Queen®, shares six questions that you must ask when moving a potential client through your funnel.

    Our clients came up with the name “The 6 Killer Questions” because as a direct result of asking these questions during the sales process, they experienced quicker close rates than ever before. Now, we are giving you access to those questions too.

    Download our 6 Killer QuestionsTM and start achieving more results now.

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  • 7 Stages of New Business Development


    The 7 STAGES OF New Business Development


    7 Stages of New Business DevelopmentAchieve Results Through Our New Business Development Process

    As a new business developer, do you wish you had a roadmap to guide you through each stage of the new business development process? Now you can.

    Dr. Jean developed The 7 Stages of New Business DevelopmentTM based on her own experience and successful outcomes. This system has been used by every one of our clients to help them achieve greater success — and now it is available to you. A proven new business development map, the system takes you through all the stages of the new business development process, so you know exactly where you are and how to move the prospect from “Hello” to “I’m excited to be working with you.”

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    $1,500.00 / month

    When You Need a Dynamic Growth System to
    Increase Your Marketing and New Business Development

    There are no gray areas when it comes to marketing and new business development. You’re either crushing it consistently or wondering how you can improve performance, keep your pipeline filled, and close clients faster in a way that makes you feel comfortable.

    Whether you’re at the top of your game, somewhere in the middle, or just starting out, The New Business Domination ProgramTM offers a done-for-you, customizable system that helps you expand your marketing and new business development activities, saving you wasted time in the process. In other words, with our proven, proprietary system, you can maximize your efforts to achieve the results you’ve always craved.

    With This Program, You’ll Get:

    • Weekly training classes
    • Daily coaching
    • Weekly Q&A sessions
    • Feedback on your activities
    • Proven marketing and new business development techniques
    • The brain science behind your ability to win new business

    Maximize your results and achieve success with our step-by-step Domination Program to attract prospects, get more meetings, and land new clients with daily RESULTS sessions. You choose the support you need to propel your new business development activities with the New Business Domination Program. You will be supported every day, in every way for your marketing and new business development efforts.

    *Program is a subscription cost that is charged monthly

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    $297.00 / month

    Build Your New Business Development by Being a Member of The Results Community

    Whether you need training, resources, accountability, or just want to explore what it is like to work with us, The Results CommunityTM will increase your skills and improve your mindset to optimize your marketing and new business development efforts.

    The Results Community is an ongoing, subscription-based mastermind community that offers direct access to Dr. Jean, The Results Queen®. As a member of the community, you’ll get a competitive edge as you pursue sustainable success in your new business development endeavors.

    The Results Community Offers:

    • Weekly masterclass with Dr. Jean
    • Weekly Q&A session with Dr. Jean
    • Done-for-you resources to increase your new business development
    • Access to recordings, so you never miss a thing

    When you join, you’ll immediately receive our top five resources to help you rapidly accelerate your new business development and kick start your entry into our unique community.

    *Monthly payment of $297.00

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