Programs for New Business Development


$297.00 / month

Build Your New Business Development by Being a Member of The Results Community

Whether you need training, resources, accountability, or just want to explore what it is like to work with us, The Results CommunityTM will increase your skills and improve your mindset to optimize your marketing and new business development efforts.

The Results Community is an ongoing, subscription-based mastermind community that offers direct access to Dr. Jean, The Results Queen®. As a member of the community, you’ll get a competitive edge as you pursue sustainable success in your new business development endeavors.

The Results Community Offers:

  • Weekly masterclass with Dr. Jean
  • Weekly Q&A session with Dr. Jean
  • Done-for-you resources to increase your new business development
  • Access to recordings, so you never miss a thing

When you join, you’ll immediately receive our top five resources to help you rapidly accelerate your new business development and kick start your entry into our unique community.

*Monthly payment of $297.00