Programs for New Business Development

Private VIP Results Coaching

$2,000.00 / month

Business man and business woman video conferencingWhen Your Marketing and New Business Development Need Some Super Power

Are challenges standing in your way of attracting and winning new business? Do you want to maximize your opportunities so you can achieve the results you want? Do you have immediate needs that must be addressed now? Is old thinking your weakest link that’s preventing your success?

If so, now is the time to say goodbye to weak possibilities and hello to big power with our VIP Results Coaching Program. 

You Deserve More

With our Private VIP Results Coaching Program, you’ll get a personal RESULTS CoachTM who will partner with you to solve your individual challenges.

Fully customized with unlimited access to your coach during normal business hours, our Private VIP Results Coaching Program gives you EXACTLY what you need to be more successful. Along with weekly coaching sessions, you can also access ongoing support by phone, text, or email — whatever works best for you!

Your RESULTS Coach can help you:

  • Easily resolve your unique challenges
  • Take control of your marketing and new business development activities
  • Continuously fill your pipeline
  • Create and refine your unique value proposition
  • Be accountable for the things you know you need to do but don’t always want to
  • Manage difficult tasks
  • Learn just-in-time techniques specific to your needs
  • Communicate more effectively with your prospects
  • Learn unique strategies that are most valuable to you
  • Feel comfortable and supported

Our VIP Results Coaching Program is for those who want FASTER RESULTS in the SHORTEST period of time.