Programs for New Business Development

Corporate Results Programs


Where Experienced Employees Become
Exceptional at New Business Development

New business development increases when a great skillset and a great mindset come together. Yet, making improvements in both areas and integrating them into the daily routine can be overwhelming and time-consuming for your employees. With our Corporate Results Programs, we can help your team increase their results without increasing their time.

Take Your Team’s New Business Development to the Next Level

Our programs deliver proven results with people at all levels. More experienced team members often only need to make small tweaks that can make a significant impact. Those less experienced may need more hand-holding and accountability to help them confidently achieve the set goals.

Because we know that different people learn in different ways, our programs leverage various learning platforms to convey our content. More specifically, we offer:

  • Group training, twice per month, for your entire team
  • All sessions are recorded and sent to each participant, so no one ever misses information that is shared
  • Individual coaching, twice per month, with a personal Results CoachTM
  • On-demand tools that can be used continuously throughout the program

During your program, all of your participants have unlimited access to our team leaders and our resources via text, phone, and email. This ensures that each participant never has to worry about what to do. They can reach out to their Results Coach for help when they need it.

The Benefits for Your Company or Team

Our corporate clients cite the customization to their needs and our ability to solve just-in-time challenges as the greatest benefits of our Corporate Programs. Many also find value in the ability to easily measure and track new business development activities throughout the program to gauge progress.

Given the nature and customization of these programs, please schedule an appointment by clicking here. Dr. Jean will speak personally with principals and executives who wish to discuss implementing a Corporate Results Program for their company or team.