Focus on Results, Not Goals in 2023 with Dr. Jean Oursler

Are you and your team goal-oriented or results-oriented? Are you wondering what the difference is? According to my guest in this episode, Dr. Jean Oursler, goals don’t work, but results do. In fact, to achieve your goals, you must fight your “caveman brain.” If you don’t, it will stand in your way every single time. Christina, what in the world is a caveman’s brain? I’m glad you asked. It involves brain science and business growth systems. Dr. Jean explains all of that and more, so this is a conversation you don’t want to miss.

Top reasons to listen to the entire episode:

  • Focus on the “what,” not the “how”
  • Don’t get addicted to money, revenue, or sales. Get addicted to better sales, company, and life balance
  • Change your vocabulary and overcome the Caveman Brain. Instead of “hard,” use “challenge.” Instead of “goals,” say “results”

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Being able to navigate the mental obstacles that occur in business growth is what differentiates those who are successful.

  • Right Thoughts
  • Right Attitude

What gets measured gets done. Having a few simple metrics will propel your business growth.

  • Right Metrics
  • Right Acceleration
4 Pillars of Growth

By knowing your ideal target client like a science project and speaking to them with the right messaging, you will attract your ideal client faster and easier.

  • Right Client
  • Right Messaging

Creating a customized process that builds confidence is the only way to drive business growth.

  • Right Actions
  • Right Time

It’s not magic. It’s a system we have tested and optimized. It can work for you.

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The Caveman Brain Business Growth System

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