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Whether you need training, resources, accountability, or just want to explore what it is like to work with us, The Results Community will increase your skills and improve your mindset to optimize your marketing and new business development efforts.  

The Results Community is an ongoing, subscription-based mastermind community that offers direct access to Dr. Jean, The Results Queen®. As a member of the community, you’ll get a competitive edge as you pursue sustainable success in your new business development endeavors.

The Results Community Offers:

  • Weekly masterclass with Dr. Jean
  • Weekly Q&A session with Dr. Jean
  • Done-for-you resources to increase your new business development
  • Access to recordings, so you never miss a thing

When you join, you’ll immediately receive our top five resources to help you rapidly accelerate your new business development and kick start your entry into our unique community.

Please click here to schedule your onboarding call with one of our program specialists. 

“Jean Oursler is the speed demon because she is all about getting unprecedented results at unprecedented speed that creates and maintains market dominance for her clients.”

— Alan Weiss, author of Million Dollar Consulting

“I accomplished my goal for the year of bringing in $100k in new business revenue by the end of September. Three months earlier than I expected. Thanks.”

— Aaron Messing, Esq., CIPP

“Within the first 4 months, I achieved last year’s new business development goal. I am on track for a substantial increase in new business revenue. The All Access Private Coaching Program has given me the confidence, the language, the tools and the accountability to achieve more than I ever dreamed of.”

— Gerald “Jerry” Shanker, CPA/ABV, MST, KRS

“Without the VIP Coaching Program, I would probably be doing the same old thing, achieving the same old results. Now I have totally revamped my business.”

– Felicia Garland


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