The New Business Development Domination ProgramTM

When You Need a Dynamic Growth System to
Increase Your Marketing and New Business Development

There are no gray areas when it comes to marketing and new business development. You’re either crushing it consistently or wondering how you can improve performance, keep your pipeline filled, and close clients faster in a way that makes you feel comfortable.


Whether you’re at the top of your game, somewhere in the middle, or just starting out, The New Business Domination ProgramTM offers a done-for-you, customizable system that helps you expand your marketing and new business development activities, saving you wasted time in the process. In other words, with our proven, proprietary system, you can maximize your efforts to achieve the results you’ve always craved.

With This Program, You’ll Get:

  • First week, group 30 minute online master class with Dr. Jean
  • Second week, 30 minute pipeline meeting
  • Third week, 30 minute Q&A session with Dr. Jean
  • Fourth week, 30 minute pipeline meeting 
  • This provides you with the support you need throughout the month to achieve greater success
  • Feedback on your activities

  • Proven marketing and new business development techniques

  • The brain science behind your ability to win new business

Maximize your results and achieve success with our step-by-step New Business Development Domination Program to attract prospects, get more meetings, and land new clients.  

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