Why The Caveman Brain Domination System® Works

You’ve tried everything you can think of to be more successful in New Business Development, but nothing seems to work. Our system is the one thing that can help you achieve the success you seek. Our clients tell us that with just five hours a week, you can increase your new business development by 25%.

Most people assume new business development systems have to be hard — or even complicated — to be effective. In fact, most business development folks believe the only way to gain new business is to hustle, chase after clients, and “aggressively” persuade them into buying.

But That’s Just WRONG!

We know that the last thing you want to be is “salesy” or “aggressive” to get new business. Here is the secret: You don’t have to be either to achieve success. Really!

The Caveman Brain Domination System® is simple and easy to execute. You can customize the system to your style, so you feel comfortable when you are conducting your marketing and new business development activities.

This comprehensive, proven, proprietary system focuses on: 


Making sure you are talking to your ideal audience with the right messages


Filling your pipeline consistently and effectively


Getting you on track and keeping you there


Eliminating the fears that hold you back

The Caveman Brain Domination System® is a robust, done-for-you system that integrates marketing and new business development to strengthen your business development activities. It will help you stand out in a crowd so you can fill your pipeline easier, close your prospects faster, and still be your genuine self.

Caveman Brain Domination System® Programs

The New Business Development Domination Program

The New Business Development Domination Program™ is designed for those who want to focus on improving their skillset and mindset to achieve greater success in marketing and new business development.

Two businessmen speaking through video chat

Private VIP Results Coaching

This one-on-one experience addresses your immediate needs, resolves your long-standing challenges, and maximizes your opportunities, so you can achieve the results you want.

The Results Community

The Results Community™ is a training and accountability program that can help you get the information and support you need to move your marketing and new business development activities forward.

Corporate Programs

Designed for corporate organizations, regional firms, small businesses, and sales teams, our unique corporate programs are customized specifically for your participants to achieve results quickly and build a system that works for everyone.


Knowing and using the 7 Stages of New Business Development will help you move an individual from prospect to client in a systematic, easy-to-understand way.

Designed and used by Dr. Jean, her clients call them “The 6 Killer Questions.” We know these are the only questions you will ever need.




Our high-performance tools are specifically developed and proven to ensure your success.


Our video library provides you bite-sized information on marketing and new business development so you can increase your results easily and consistently. 


Access our materials on how to take your marketing and new business development to the next level.