Definition: Sales Motivation

Definition: Sales Motivation

Sales motivation is foundational to driving business success. The enthusiasm you have for performing sales development activities and achieving results can often be hard to achieve. That’s when you know it’s time to try something new.

The truth is, even the best business developers can become unmotivated — and that’s okay. It’s what you do about it that matters. How can you motivate yourself to do sales activities that you are entirely unmotivated to do? It starts with taking a step back, adjusting your attitude, and leaning on others.

Keeping Yourself Motivated

Here are some ways you can stay motivated:

  • Reach out to a coach for a surge of inspiration
  • Find an accountability partner who will keep you on track
  • Join a mastermind group for some fresh ideas

Great business developers surround themselves with a support system that helps them to excel and that reinvigorates them during stagnant times. When motivation is lacking, your support system can help you get back on a trajectory of sales success.

Being unmotivated is like a passing cloud; it will happen, but it will pass by. Some days will be cloudy, and some will be sunny. What is important is how you prepare and plan for those times when you feel unmotivated. Do you have a team in place that will talk to you, inspire you, and remind you of all the successful strategies you’ve employed in the past to close new business? If not, go get yourself a team that will do all of that and more.  Hire a coach.  Join a mastermind group.  Ask that one person you know who can keep you accountable.  It is time to get past the mental blocks and drive your sales development activities head-on.  If you don’t do that now, when will you?