Definition: Growth Mindset

Definition: Growth Mindset

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Growth mindset is the belief that one can achieve success by cultivating skills and abilities through dedication, attitude, and hard work. What’s great about a growth mindset is that it is achievable. We are not born with it, but it is something we can learn.

How can you manifest a growth mindset in business development? Start by focusing on driving more sales. It may sound obvious, but in my experience, some people don’t want to boost sales. Why? Because they believe more sales mean more work. But that isn’t necessarily true.

This limiting mindset creates obstacles and prevents people from achieving their true potential. When you adopt a growth mindset, you will recognize these obstacles, blast through them, and ultimately grow your business. Tell yourself it’s too much work to grow your business, and you will hit a plateau. Tell yourself you can achieve success in a sustainable and meaningful way, and that will become your reality.

Adapting a Growth Mindset

Another barrier to success is the all-too-common fear of becoming an aggressive salesperson who nobody likes. But the truth is, you don’t have to be pushy to grow your practice. You just need to use the right message to meet the right people. 

The trick is to be realistic when determining what results you want to see. How many more people do you need to meet to fill your pipeline? Your knee-jerk response to this question might be “hundreds” when that number may actually be closer to a dozen. Twelve per month is more digestible and less intimidating than the elusive goal of hundreds. Know what you need and what you can achieve, and you can increase revenue without taking on the role of the salesy, pushy, or annoyingly aggressive salesperson.

With a growth mindset, you become profoundly aware that your personal development is key to your growth. With helpful resources — books, podcasts, accountability partners, mastermind groups, professional coaches, and more — you can satisfy your ongoing thirst for knowledge and learning, while cultivating your growth mindset in the process.

Today, I pose this challenge to you: Go out and learn something new. Begin your journey toward developing a growth mindset, and propel yourself forward.