Definition: Virtual Sales

Definition: Virtual Sales
Business man touching a circular graphic with the word sale

Virtual Sales is when an individual conducts business development using any type of vehicle except seeing the prospect in person.  Being able to conduct business development virtually is important for any salesperson because it can make the difference in how successful they are as a business developer. 

Whether you like it or not, virtual new business development is here to stay. If you do not believe you are good at it, I suggest that you start thinking about getting good at it.

How can you get good at it? Practice, practice, practice.

Conducting business development virtually is really no different from conducting new business development in-person. It is the same process, just in a different environment. You need to build, know like and trust. You need to understand your prospect’s wants and needs.  You have to be able to offer a solution that meets those wants and needs and you have to be able to ask for the business. Look at your new business development process and think about how you will translate that virtually.

Successful business developers feel comfortable talking to prospects virtually or in-person. It doesn’t make a difference to them. What is great about conducting business development virtually is that you don’t have to drive two hours to see the prospect. This saves you and your prospect time, energy, and money.

Embracing the virtual sales environment also opens up your pool of prospects. When you are prospecting in your backyard, you have a limited number of prospects. Conducting sales virtually opens the world up to so many more prospects—ones that you didn’t think you would ever have access to. If you are struggling to fill your funnel, or you want to close more business, perfect your virtual sales abilities.  As you get better, you will find that your funnel will be fuller, and you will be working with a lot more people.