Definition: Sales Tools

Definition: Sales Tools
Red bouncing ball

A sales tool, whether physical or intangible, is something that can help you improve your business development (BD) activities. Here is a sales tool that we teach our clients to help them increase their referrals.

Sales Tool: Using Karaoke to Increase Sales

When you sing karaoke, there is a red bouncing ball that highlights the words as you are singing. When you are looking for a referral, you can use the same technique to lead you to a prospect. Having more prospects means you are increasing your business.

What is Dr. Jean, The Results Queen’s, “red bouncing ball method? How do you use it to find more prospects and centers of influence?

Often, when you get a referral, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to get that person as a client. Sometimes they are just an introduction to another prospect or center of influence.

When you get that referral to the next person, make the appointment and go speak to that prospect or center of influence, who is going to introduce you to another center of influence, who will introduce me to another center of influence, which then will get you a prospect meeting in which you can finally close a client.

That is following the red bouncing ball.

If you think about it, you went from one person to two people to three people to four people, just like how the little red ball goes over the letters in the karaoke song.

Now you know the red bouncing ball method…let’s put it into action.

As you’re looking for referrals, think about your red bouncing ball method and how you are using it to get it to a client. Remember a lot of times it will take four or more meetings to lead you to that prospect. Don’t give up. Keep going. 

As you are working your red bouncing ball method, remember to keep asking the person for the next referral, if they are not “the one.” This way you’ll be always following your red bouncing ball. How do you do that? Just remember this simple saying, “If it is not you, then who?” When you remember that simple sentence, it will remind you to ask the person you are speaking to for a referral to the next prospect.

If you are feeling uncomfortable asking, please don’t feel that way. Remember, if you don’t ask, then you will never get the answer. It is ok to ask because the other person does want to help you. That person may not have a name for you right away, but they will keep you in mind. Wayne Gretzky, a famous hockey player, once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” This is the same in the referral game. If you want to be successful in getting referrals you have to “take shots.” Unfortunately, the person won’t always remember you. It is sad and true. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t like you or don’t want to help you. 

That is why the red bouncing ball method works because it makes you think about where your next referral is coming from, much like in karaoke when the next word comes. Just like singing the song, when you follow your red bouncing ball it will lead you down the path to closed business.