Definition: How to Prospect

Definition: How to Prospect
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Prospecting is defined as searching for the person with whom you want to work with.  A successful prospect is a person who has money and a need to work with you. How you approach your prospecting can mean the difference between success and failure.

How are you approaching your prospecting? What if you started approaching it like an elite athlete? What if you started training and practicing your prospecting activities with that mindset?

If you’re going to be really good at prospecting, you have to really think about it. It’s like being an elite athlete. You have to train and practice on a daily basis. You also have to take care of yourself, both physically and mentally. And if you’re not doing all of that, then how good are you going to be at prospecting?

If you haven’t thought of yourself as an elite athlete in prospecting, I’m giving you permission to start doing that. And if you already think of yourself as an elite athlete in prospecting … great, keep going!

This mindset of being an elite athlete in prospecting can be new for some people because they’ve never really viewed prospecting like that before. For others, they already see themselves as elite athletes who are looking to get stronger so they can prospect more effectively and efficiently.

The fact is, if you’re going to be strong in prospecting, you have to act strong. You have to be strong. You have to show up strong but not be pushy or salesy. I’m talking about strong in terms of your mindset and physical appearance.

Now you have your marching orders. Start thinking of yourself as an elite athlete. If you already do, congratulations, continue on. If you don’t, let’s get on it and start practicing.  Start thinking of yourself as an elite athlete. Start acting like an elite athlete, because the fact is, you can’t find your strengths if you’re not looking for it. That’s how you become great at prospecting.