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Definition: Sales Tools

A sales tool, whether physical or intangible, is something that can help you improve your business development (BD) activities. Here is a sales tool that we teach our clients to help them increase their referrals.
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Definition: Virtual Sales

Virtual Sales is when an individual conducts business development using any type of vehicle except seeing the prospect in person.  Being able to conduct business development virtually is important for any salesperson because it can make the difference in how …

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Definition: Virtual Selling

Virtual Selling is conducting business development in any environment that is not in-person. This can include the telephone, which salespeople have been using for years. It also includes some new vehicles that are being utilized more and more. Examples include …

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Definition: How to Prospect

Prospecting is defined as searching for the person with whom you want to work with. A successful prospect is a person who has money and a need to work with you. How you approach your prospecting can mean the difference between success and failure.
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Definition: Closing the Deal

Closing the deal means that a client has sent you the check, you have cashed that check, and the money is in the bank. Yet, how many times have you had a prospect say “yes” to working with you and then become unresponsive when it is time to sign the paperwork and send a check?
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Definition: Sales Motivation

Sales motivation is defined as the enthusiasm you have to perform sales development activities.

Definition: Target Audience

Target demographics are the traits you use to describe your prospects, or what we call potential clients.
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Definition: Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is when an individual believes they can advance their career through the development of their skills, strategies, and perceptions of themselves and their abilities.

Give Up Goals and Results Are Yours

Isn’t it time to give up goals so you can get greater results? Most people think there is something magical about setting goals. Written down, these goals are to take on a life of their own, which will result in …

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Outstanding RESULTS! Out Of The Box Thinking For Business And Life

Will a coach help you improve your success in business? Is it worth the time and money? In Dr. Jean’s chapter of Outstanding Results!, she answers the most common questions around hiring a business coach. Based on her experience starting …

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