Because You Want to Be Better at Marketing and New Business Development

Caveman Brain® plays a bigger role than you think in your marketing and new business development activities. In fact, Caveman Brain is the driver of all of your marketing and new business development activities. How does it do that? Caveman Brain is that voice inside of you that says, “I don’t want to be pushy,” or “I don’t want to be too aggressive,” or “Why can’t I take this to the next level of success?”

Think: Fight, Flight, or Freeze

Caveman Brain is based on our survival instincts; its only job is to make sure we don’t die. In caveman days, it would protect us from the saber-toothed tiger. How did it do that? Our Caveman Brain only knows what it sees and hears. When we were cavemen, the bushes would rustle and our caveman brain would react because it thought a saber-toothed tiger was hiding in those rustling bushes and was going to hurt us.

Today, the Caveman Brain reacts much in the same way as it did back then. If you are watching a scary movie, your Caveman Brain reacts to what is happening during the movie. It floods your body with chemicals to trigger your fight, flight, or freeze response to protect you from danger, even though you are in no real danger. Your Caveman Brain can’t discern fact from fiction. Therefore, it doesn’t know what is real and what is not real. It just reacts to ensure that you won’t get hurt. That’s Caveman Brain’s only job…to ensure you are safe.

Transforming Your New Business Development…

Your Caveman Brain is continuously scanning your environment to keep you safe. It reacts to every single situation and provides information for you to act on. 

In new business development, words and thoughts are used by your Caveman Brain to protect you, and that, in turn, impacts your new business development abilities. Ultimately, these reactions prevent you from achieving the results you want.

By learning how to harness your Caveman Brain, you can turn a derailer into a propeller of business success and transform your new business development abilities from good to great.


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