How Caveman Brain was created.

When I was getting started, I tried everything to drive new business: I attended workshops and boot camps, read book after book, participated in mastermind groups, and even sought out formal education. I was always searching for the silver bullet to solve my new-business-development woes. I had exhausted all avenues to increase my skillset—or so I thought.

It wasn’t until I decided to tap the expertise of multiple coaches—four to be exact—who could all-around “make me better” that the tides began to turn. Among them was a Harvard neuroscientist who made me aware of how much my mindset had been impacting my new business development success. And that set me down a new path of awareness.

As I began to really study the brain, it became clear to me that the amygdala, the roughly almond-shaped structure that processes fears, was holding me back. The more deep-seated fears I uncovered, the more equipped I became at minimizing or eliminating them. With that, success began to follow—and Caveman Brain was born.

Today, I impart the knowledge I obtained through my own career-transforming process to my clients to help them achieve similar success.

Why Caveman Brain?

The word “amygdala” is hard to say, particularly when attempting to repeat it over and over—so I came up with a better way to describe this phenomenon: Caveman Brain.

Caveman Brain is the voice inside our heads that holds us back based on fears that may or may not be warranted. It is the thought patterns and processes we use every day that are no longer working to make us successful—the chemicals that are influencing our bodies to make us react to a situation. Caveman Brain is the thing that can make you stand out in a crowd or hide in the corner. If you are responsible for new business development, exploring your Caveman Brain is the single best thing you can do to change your trajectory of success.

Once you realize there are no silver bullets to increasing business development, it’s time to turn your Caveman Brain into your ally, so you can achieve the results you want.


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